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Over 15 lakh people voted for NOTA in Assembly Polls in 5 States

ONI Bureau: Senior Journalist Dibang tweeted with some revelation on NOTA in the recently concluded assembly polls in 5 States, saying 25,20,446 voters voted for this option, hinting a widespread resentment among the common people for political parties.

In Madhya Pradesh, 5,42,295 voters chose NOTA, which is 1.4% of the total votes. In Rajasthan, 5,42,295 voters chose NOTA option. They constitute 1.3% of the total voters.

In Rajasthan, 4,67,781 voters or 1.3% of the total votes, voted for NOTA. In Chhattisgarh, NOTA voters were 2% of the total votes at 2,82,744. Telangana recorded 2,24,709 NOTA votes (1.1% of the total votes polled). Things were better in Mizoram, as just 0.5% or 2,917 people voted for NOTA.

Over 15 lakh people voting for NOTA in 5 States, should serve as an eye-opener for the political parties. They must understand the resentment among the voters and work towards fulfilling the promises as well as bringing all round development.

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