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Rahul Gandhi draws Flak over ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Lok Sabha Speech

RaGa-Cheat-SheetCongress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who was hailed by some TV channels for his 3-4 minutes of “fiery” speech in Lok Sabha yesterday, had an embarrassment today, as leading newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ carried a picture taken by its journalist, which showed Rahul holding a piece of paper while going to Lok Sabha.

The ‘cheat sheet’ listed all points what Rahul said inside the Parliament later. Even the ‘Gandhiji’s 3 Monkeys’ story, which made a big buzz yesterday, was mentioned in the paper given to Rahul Gandhi. An embarrassed Congress sought to downplay the incident, saying it’s usual for leaders to list key points on a paper before making a speech. The picture went viral on social media, making Rahul Gandhi a laughing stock yet again.

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