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Sikh Groups protest against Writers, burn 500 Books

Sikh-GroupsThe Sikh Groups have hit the street today, protesting against the Writers and Academicians, who have recently returned their awards, as part of their anti-Modi agenda. The Sikh groups asked the writers why they did not return the awards after 1984 Sikh massacre, which witnessed the killing of 3,000 Sikhs in Delhi alone. The demonstration was held at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

The Sikh groups have burnt over 500 books and slammed the writers for their silence over their plight over the years. Some of them condemned the writers for “shamelessly” accepting the award after the 1984 massacre without any protest.

A number of writers and filmmakers have recently returned the awards, citing rising intolerance in the country and government inaction. They are mostly inclined to Left-Centrist ideology and have been working against RSS, Hindutva ideology and Narendra Modi.

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