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A Tribute to the greatest feat of the Indian Arms

indian-armsBy Marshal Panda (Sambalpur): This day forty five years ago saw the finest feat of the Indian arms in more than a millennium. Last victory of India over a major foreign army was when Chandragupta Maurya defeated Seleucus Nicator in 323 BC.

India defeated Pakistan. The capitulation was complete when Lt. General AAK Niazi, commander of the Pakistani forces in East Pakistan handed over his pistol to Lt. General JS Aurora , Goc-in-C, eastern command, India. It was the biggest surrender. 93000 personnel, both military & civilian became prisoners of war. Indian pluralism was at its shining best during the signing of the instrument of surrender. They surrendered “to a Sikh General after negotiating terms with a Jew, both of whom reported to an army chief who was Parsi”.

India had stood up to international bullying. The US seventh fleet had sailed in to the Bay of Bengal where the Indian Navy was in operation. But it was too late to alter the course of war.  Captain of one Indian Naval Ship sought instructions from his fleet commander about the course of action on sighting the US Navy. ‘Wish them Bangladesh time’, the fleet commander instructed!

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