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Arnab Goswami: Game has just Begun!

arnab-goswamiMedia Houses and Political Circle as well as avid news audience went into a shock mode in the evening of 1st November at the news-break about resignation of TIMES Now’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. Some celebrated while some mourned. Jokes dominated Twitter and everyone has just question – Why Arnab chose to quit Times Now at the peak of his successful career?

The Nation wanted to know the answer. But, no response came from the man, who returned to News Hour after a week-long holiday in Maldives. But, some posted the video with his “last” message to his staff at Times Now. “The Game has just Begun”, he said. And, that made the news indeed. What Arnab meant? “Don’t write my epitaph. I will be here for another 30 years”. His message was loud and clear. He will remain in TV Media and would work for a change and get more power to independent media.

Yes, the Game has begun… But, who else part of this game? Arnab has not opened his cards yet. The rumour mill says he is all set to join WION TV (World Is One News), a global news venture of Zee Media Group. Another report says Arnab is planning something big along with Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar and media baron Rupert Murdoch. Some even say Arnab will be backed by Modi Government to start a new Nationalist TV Channel and go on an offensive against Pakistan, China and Apologists and Left Liberals in India.

Well, it’s difficult to read Arnab’s mind and plan. Only he knows and understands his plan. But, yes, he has managed to create a big buzz and keep everyone guessing. Never before in the history of Indian journalism, an Editor-in-Chief’s resignation was debated and discussed heavily at the national arena. And, there is little doubt that even many across the globe, especially in Pakistan took more interest in Arnab’s resignation.

What game is Arnab going to play remains a mystery. But, as we know Arnab and his strategies, it would be definitely interesting and fun-packed. He loves in taking risks; he loves challenges. The game he has started, would have far reaching implications for everyone – whether political parties or journalists (media houses). Let’s wait and watch!

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