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Arun Sahoo’s Picture confirms Nexus between BJD and Daitapatis

Arun-Sahoo-DaitapatisFrom The Editor’s Desk: Law and Panchayatiraj Minister Arun Sahoo, who has been under the scanner over the Nabakalebara 2015 fiasco, has landed in further trouble after his picture taking a nap with the Daitapatis inside Shabarpalli, came into light last night, putting the Minister in the dock.

Arun Saho’s close proximity with senior Daitapatis, who are also in the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD), no longer remains secret. But, his entry into Shabarpalli (which was completely illegal as per the law) and spending time with them showing intimacy, has raised several questions. As the same Daitapatis are being held responsible for the mess, it is now difficult for the people to get justice, it is believed. Also, it’s clear that the close nexus between the BJD leaders and Daitapatis, boosted the confidence of the latter and drove them to breach the rules and break the traditions and rituals.

CM Naveen Patnaik, who hardly knows about Jagannath Culture, Banajag Yatra, Daru Selection, Ghata Parivartan and Brahma Sthapan, had assigned the tasks to his trusted lieutenants and did not bother to intervene to know whether things are running smoothly or not. A lot of irregularities during the Daru selection, were reported, but no action was taken and media was blamed for creating a hype. The Daitabatis resorted to emotional blackmail to portray themselves as victims and silence the media and civil society.

But, the delay in Brahma Sthapan, Ghata Parivartan and intrusion of Daitapatis into the territory not reserved for them, have hurt the sentiments of millions of devotees across the globe. Such a mess was least expected during Nabakalebara 2015 and Arun Sahoo and SJTA Chief Suresh Mohapatra are directly blamed along with the Daitapatis.

Under fire, the CM was forced to summon 5 Ministers, including Arun Sahoo and asked them to camp in Puri to ensure a hassle-free Rath Yatra. But, there is no confirmation whether heads will roll now or even after the Rath Yatra. At the same time, the whistle-blower Nabakishore Pati Mohapatra, who brought the irregularities into the light, is being targeted by the SJTA and Law Minister.

This picture shows a bigger nexus between the ruling establishment, temple administration and Daitapatis. It’s high time CM Naveen Patnaik orders a high level probe, take action against the erring people and restore the trust among the devotees. Even though it’s a very sensitive matter and the government may not want to upset a certain powerful section ahead of Nabakalebara 2015, heads must roll and right precedent should be set.

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