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Aylan Kurdi – Not Anybody’s, He was our Son

Son-AylanEditor’s Desk: Yes, I have a son, who I love from the core of my heart. My only goal is to give him all comfort and facilities he deserves. He will complete five years soon. And, billions of people like me have their children and love them. But, when I saw Aylan Kurdi lying on the beach off Turkey’s Coast, I could not hold back my tears. The three-year-old was not anybody’s son. He was my son, he was your son. And, he was the world’s son. And, we failed him.

I was rattled to see the lifeless child face down on a Turkish beach. It gives everyone the impression that he was sleeping peacefully. No, that’s not the case. It was a murder, and the global community is responsible for it. We killed him and many others like Aylan. The world moved, people mourned, there has been a massive outrage, but what’s next?

The smugglers had promised Abdullah Kurdi (a Syrian Kurdish barber), father of Aylan Kurdi, a motorboat for the trip from Turkey to Greece. They had promised him a new life in Canada along with family. Instead, they offered just a 15-foot rubber raft, which capsized in high waves. Abdullah Kurdi was the lone survivors, while his wife and both sons, including the youngest Aylan, drowned. Canadian officials, who had rejected his visa application, forcing him to take the illegal route, struggle to explain their position.

The world mourned on the dead body of the innocent kid, who was deprived of everything he deserved. Who is responsible for the humanitarian crisis? Why people in Syria are being forced to leave their country and seek refuge in other countries?

While the IS group has disturbed the peace in the region and playing on the bloods of innocents, there has been mass exodus in the last couple of years. Many people are being dumped into the Ocean or slipping into oblivion, as most Gulf and European countries have refused to accept the Syrian refugees so far. The incident served an eye-opener to them. The European countries have promised to reconsider their stand and revisit the law. Hopefully, they will wake up sooner than expected.

It’s up to the USA, Canada and other global powers to explain why they bother least about this humanitarian crisis. Why can’t the world join hands to end the ISIS menace in Syria and allow people live peacefully? It may be difficult, but not impossible. It’s high time the world community wakes up to the danger of ISIS and Syrian Crisis. We must be ashamed of ourselves for not being able to provide a safer land to Aylan, who was finally dumped into the sea.

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