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Beware of Lies and Photoshopped Images on Social Media

Pravir-July23Crime against Humanity is not a myth. It exists elsewhere in the world and India is no exception. We must join hands to eradicate all social evils from the society and build a peaceful world for our next generation. Yes, we all should be on the same page. But, at the same time, we must be beware of all hatemongers and troublemakers from either side – Left or Right, who are spreading only hatred on social media.

There are numerous examples. But, today I came across yet another such malicious campaign, which forced me to write this. A shocking incident of atrocities on two hungry kids in Sylhet, Bangladesh is being projected as one from Haryana, India. Two poor kids were beaten up, tied up to a tree and got their heads shaved for “stealing” food. Humanity dies there hundred times. We all condemn it.

But, who gave right to the troublemakers to share this picture as atrocities on Dalit children in India. The campaign came at a time when there is an outrage over inhuman treatment to Dalits in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and many other parts of the country.

TariqueThe Government must step in to block such propaganda and content that disturb peace and harmony of the society and take strong action against the guilty. Or else, it would lead to a disaster. And, as concerned citizens, it’s our duty to verify the facts before sharing such content on social network platform.

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