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BJD attacks Jay Panda; Naveen targets OTV

ONI Bureau: While the entire Left Ecosystem and BJD workers/leaders have gone on aggressive following the attack on CM’s Private Secretary VK Pandian’s residence in Bhubaneswar, surprisingly their main target remains Baijayant Panda, not Dharmendra Pradhan or the BJP.

Probably for the first time, Chief Minister Naveen tweeted a political message from Twitter handle. His handler has tweeted two press releases of BJD with the details of complaints against OTV. The complaints were lodged with the Chief Electoral Officer earlier today, accusing OTV of telecasting ‘paid news’ in favour of BJP in Bijepur Bypoll. Naveen, who is often known as a ‘cool and calm’ person, seems to have gone aggressive this time. Political Pundits believe OTV is being targeted as it carried a series of news reports against VK Pandian over the last few weeks.

The CM tweeted a message, …Words of Bapu is relevant even today. “Press, the Fourth Estate, has great power but to misuse that power is criminal”. With two press releases attached with the tweet, the message was loud and clear. Both Jay Panda and OTV will be targeted now. The Bureaucrat won’t take the attack on him lightly. It was evident yesterday when Pratap Deb accused OTV of instigating the attack although many other mediapersons were present at the spot.

But, who were involved in the attack on Pandian’s residence? A group of BJP workers were part of the hooliganism. It was not only condemned, but also 4 people were arrested, charged with attempt to murder and sent to jail. Then, why Jay Panda. There is a desperate attempt to frame Baijayant Panda in this case, saying he was behind the attack as he continued to target VK Pandian for meddling in party’s affairs, which also led to his suspension from the party.

Although BJP admitted involvement of its workers in the attack, the BJD has spared Dharmendra Pradhan and other leaders, while focusing on Baijayant Panda, who is suspended, but still with the BJD. BJD (even some ultra-Leftist academicians and writers) always claimed Jay Panda is nothing but a ‘Twitter Tiger’ and does not enjoy any mass support. Then, how they are rattled today? Do they really believe Panda has complete control over BJP in Odisha that he can stage an attack on Pandian’s residence by using BJP workers?

Baijayant Panda has responded to the allegations with two tweets:

“This is cheap politics. Ignores the fact that OTV has carried EVERY allegation against me. You are personally aware I’m not involved in running OTV, which is run professionally vide a written charter of neutrality & gives ALL sides a chance to make their point.

But recently BJD seems to have become paranoid after Pandian’s political role has been exposed. Instead of making such false complaints, BJD should use OTV’s neutral platform to communicate to the public, as earlier, instead of refusing to appear on panels or giving responses.”

The OTV had earlier issued clarifications that BJD Panelists have started avoiding it of late and they have maintained their neutrality over the last 20 years even by showing allegations levelled against the channel or any person remotely associated with it. Interestingly, OTV is showing CM’s allegations against them again and again – even more than any other TV channel. The channel has given full space to all attacks and tirades launched against it without any bias.

The attack on Pandian’s residence is condemnable. Everyone, including Congress leaders and Dharmendra Pradhan and Baijayant Panda disapproved and condemned the act. Baijayant Panda even called it an ‘Act of Hooliganism’. But, there is an attempt to create a perception only Baiayant Panda was behind this incident.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has also tweeted condemning BJD’s attack on freedom of press.


Ironically, Outlook Magazine, which had given the ‘Best Administrator’ Award to CM Naveen Patnaik last year, has been very active by giving a space to a series of articles against Baijayant Panda. and, they hardly bother to consult the MP for his reaction before posting the news items.

4 BJP workers are already in jail. The police have access to them. The Odisha Govt has the agencies, police everything with them. Why don’t they allow the law take its own course or bring out the truth if they have evidences? Any negative campaign would create a public perception that they are worried about an individual’s action and that could project him as Naveen’s alternative. Does BJD want it? May be Not!

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