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BJP must stay alert, as ISI targets its IT/Social Media Cell

Dhruv-Saxena-ISIThe Bharatiya Janata Party always talks about nationalism, patriotism and passion for the country, while taking a dig at the opposition as well as mainstream media. Calling others “Traitor” or “Deshdrohi” or “Anti-nationals” if they don’t support their views, has become a fashion these days. But, the party got a rude shock in Madhya Pradesh, as ATS arrested 11 people, including two BJP Workers.

Dhruv Saxena, one of the ISI Agents, was working with BJP’s IT Cell in Bhopal and used to accompany many senior Ministers and even had access to CM’s office as part of BJYM. He was instrumental in inciting passion against Muslims with derogatory posts on Vice President Dr. Hamid Ansari, Muslims and JNU. If the Government did not endorse such tirade, then was it a plan by the ISI to trigger riots in India?

The party is currently shell-shocked. They are fortunate to have a friendly media, which hardly reported this hyper-sensitive matter. TV Channels don’t debate it either. But, social media is not sparing them. The Congress and Aam Aadmi Party have waged a battle on BJP over this issue, asking them to stop preaching nationalism. They also question BJP’s campaign, which already put the blame on Islamic terrorism, as Dhruv is a Hindu.

Well, politics apart, this is definitely a serious issue. BJP is paying a price, as rivals are hitting out at them in the same coin. But, if we look at the broader picture, it’s really dangerous. The BJP must tighten its surveillance on IT Cell and Social Media teams. ISI, which is having more experience and expertise in cyber warfare, will keep targeting these areas to create further trouble in India and discredit the Modi Government.

The same applies to other political parties too, as ISI may target their social media cells too. They are more vulnerable to such attacks, as they don’t hire people based on ideologies. It’s a dangerous trend. And, alertness is the need of the hour. Or else, it would lead to disaster in future.

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