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BJP pins hopes on Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll on Bihar

Today's ChankyaWhile all other Exit Poll surveys predicted a close fight between BJP led NDA and Grand Alliance led by Nitish Kumar and gave the slight edge to Bihar parties, Today’s Chanakya beat all trends to predict a landslide victory for the BJP. This exit poll remains the last hope for the BJP and they heavily rely on it because of its past credentials.

A lot will be on stake – Modi’s image, Amit Shah’s future, many Ministers and leaders in Bihar, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar’s political relevance and above all – Today’s Chanakya’s reputation being the accurate exit poll service providers. As they defied the trend and predicted something unusual, they will come under severe scrutiny if things go wrong. At the same time, people will stop watching other surveys and prefer them only if Today’s Chanakya gets it right.

During Delhi Elections 2015, all (barring one) had predicted AAP victory. Only Axis and Today’s Chanakya were close to predict the seats. Since it was a tsunami, nobody got right. AAP won 67, while BJP won 3. Congress failed to open its account.

Axis and Today’s Chanakya had predicted ZERO seats for Congress. That proved correct. They predicted 53 and 48 seats for AAP respectively.

*** In Delhi Elections 2013, Today’s Chankaya had predicted 31 seats for AAP, which was a shocker for others. But, AAP did win 28 seats. In 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Today’s Chankaya had predicted 291 seats for BJP and 340 for NDA. Nobody believed it, not even the News24 Anchor Ajit Anjum. But, they hit the bull’s eye.

Can they get it right this time too? Today’s Chanakya is the lone exit poll survey to predict a landslide victory for BJP in Bihar – BJP+ 155, JD(U)+ 83, Others 5. And, unlike other surveys, they have explained everything in details, giving credence to the the belief that they have done their groundwork well and in a much better way.

Let’s wait and watch!

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