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Budget 2018: Railways focus on Modernisation & Infrastructure

ONI Bureau:  The Finance Minister of india Arun Jaitley, in his budget speech for 2018-19 has laid out a road map for Indian Railways, which is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of New India by 2022.

New India Budget also gave emphasis to transform Railways into a modern, safe, green, affordable and comfortable mode of transport.

Key Highlights

  • Drastically scaling up investments by almost three times to Rs 1,48,528 cr. in 2018-19 (BE) as against Rs 53,989 cr. in 2013-14.
  • Highest priority to safety – total expenditure planned on safety activities is Rs. 73,065 in 2018-19.
  • Railways to electrify the entire network
  • 600 Stations are to be developed with world class facilities. Escalators to be provided at all stations with passenger footfall above 25,000. Stations and trains will be provided with wi-fi facility for information and entertainment; CCTV cameras across all stations and trains for security
  • Improved suburban services to Mumbai with 90 kms line doubling of around Rs. 11,000 cr & 150 kms additional lines worth Rs. 40,000 cr for enhancing transportation in Mumbai with expansion of suburban railway system
  • 160 kms suburban network worth Rs. 17,000 cr in Bengaluru to help reduce congestion there and save commuting time of passengers
  • Rail University at Vadodara to be set up
  • Operating ratio of 2018-19 (BE) is estimated at 92.8% as against 96% in 2017-18 (RE)
  • Total Revenue receipts in 2018-19 (BE) are estimated to increase by 7% to Rs. 2,01,090 cr.
  • Total Revenue expenditure in 2018-19 BE is estimated to increase by 4% to Rs. 1,88,100 cr.


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