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Fourth suspect in Bukhari’s murder arrested in Srinagar

Within hours of releasing his picture for public help, police here on Friday arrested the fourth suspect in senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari’s murder.

Police earlier in the day released the video of a bearded man who was apparently trying to help the injured in Bukhari’s car after militants fired a volley of automatic gunfire at him.

This man was reportedly picking up a pistol from the murder site after which he escaped.

Police sources said this fourth suspect was most likely part of the team of assassins.

“He has been arrested and his interrogation is going on,” a source said.

Meanwhile, state police chief S.P. Vaid told reporters here that “rest assured, we will get the killers”.

CCTV footage had shown three masked assassins escaping with the murder weapon on a motorcycle. (IANS)

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