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Govt increases Customs Duties on 19 Items; ACs, Refrigerators to cost more

ONI Bureau:  The Central Government on Wednesday announced hike in customs duty on selected items to curb import of certain imported items and narrow the current account deficit (CAD).

The government has increased Custom Duty on 19 items, including jet fuel, ACs 10 to 20%, and refrigerators 10 to 20% and washing machines 10 to 20%,less than ten kilogram.

Likewise, import duty on Speakers and Radial Car tyres has been increased from 10 to 15%, footwears increased from 20 to 25%.

Besides the import duty on jewellery items including diamonds, coloured gem stones, kitchen, tableware and household items of plastics, certain plastic goods, Bath, shower bath, sink, wash basin, etc. of plastics, Articles of plastics for conveyance and packing such as boxes, case, containers, bottles and suitcases has been hiked.

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