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Martyrdom should not go in Waste, Decisive Action Needed

jawans-tirangaThis is not the first time when our Jawans are being subjected to injustice and disregard. What happened in Uri is unpardonable and intolerable. Out of 18 martyrs, 13-14 did not even get a chance to retaliate and burnt alive in sleep. They certainly did not deserve such death. And, who is responsible for this? Intelligence failure, security lapse, callousness or an ineffective and confused government?

Have we learnt from our mistakes yet? We saw it in Gurdaspur, then Pathankot and now Uri. When it will stop. How long our Jawans will be butchered by the terrorists? Jawans will be martyred, will be wrapped in Tiranga. We will mourn and hail their bravery and martyrdom. Their family members will be in grief. Politicians will visit their family, announce compensation, take selfies. And, then, all forgotten.

Leaders will condemn the act of terror, will say it won’t be tolerated. They will promise of strong action. After a few months or a year, we will witness another attack. Same cycle will be repeated. Justice will never be delivered. It’s high time we end this cycle of terror attacks. We have a government with strong mandate. And, they call themselves nationalists. It’s time for decisive action. Nothing more, nothing less.

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