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Narendra Modi may have just saved BJP in Gujarat

Modi-AnandibenFor the last few months, there have been reports about serious crisis within the Gujarat BJP with CM Anandiben Patel failing to hold her fort. She not only failed to control the Patel-Patidar unrest, but also allowed a new problem to grow, which would mar BJP’s chances in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh apart from Gujarat.

The Dalit uprising in Gujarat had stunned the BJP beyond imagination. The party had no option but to bring a new face to curb the anger and unrest. Gujarat polls are due in December 2017. But, the party knew it would have a tough task in hand in Uttar Pradesh if the situation was not brought under control. Adding to its woes, BJP also received allegations of corruption against people close to the Gujarat CM.

PM Modi and Amit Shah acted when it was needed the most. Anandiben Patel’s exit may have just saved the party in Gujarat and prevented further damage in Uttar Pradesh. Modi and BJP have been selling the ‘Gujarat Model’ across India and world for the last four years. They can’t afford to lose face there. It would be interesting to see how the new CM would be able to handle the situation in the state, which remains a BJP bastion for long.

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