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Nervous BJD on a Rampage, Workers go Berserk

Naveen-BJD-BijuThe Biju Janata Dal (BJD), which has been ruling Odisha for the last 16 years, has been rattled by the latest onslaught launched by Opposition BJP and Congress over the last few weeks. It was evident in Bargarh when the BJD workers dared to assault visiting Union Ministers.

And, the incident at Mannamunda in Boudh, has added more credence to the fact that the party has gone on a back foot on various issues and now stands on a shaky wicket ahead of 2017 panchayat polls. It was more shocking to see a party MLA leading the mob to attack some peaceful demonstrators who were holding black flag protests.

Irony died 100 times when the cops detained the BJP workers for hours, but let off the hooligans who assaulted them. They were thrashed in front of the policemen, which exposed the law and order situation in the state. And, BJD leaders and cadres taking law into their hand yet again, has shocked even their hardcore supporters.

BJD has always fought against the violent tactics and use of force in politics. People of Odisha dethroned the Congress and brought them into power as a mark of rejection of Congress’ alleged “hooliganism”. But, the BJD people are fast becoming part of that system, which was rejected by the people. Hope good sense prevails and they stay away from such acts of violence and mobocracy.

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