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Not ‘Odishara Rasagolla’, Go for ‘Rasagola’

Rasagola-OdishaInsight Bureau: Following the massive outrage on social media as well in public over West Bengal government taking the lead and getting GI tag for ‘Banglar Rasagolla’, the Odisha Government woke up from the slumber and made it clear that it would soon apply for the GI registration for ‘Odishara Rasagolla’. Does not it sound funny?

Why the Odisha Government feels insecure despite the fact that our researchers have produced amazing documentation to prove our claims that Rasagola existed in Odisha since 15th century? The administration slept over the files for long, while West Bengal walked away with initial honours. They knew their claims over origin of Rasagola, may not hold more weight. They played the trick and claimed patent over ‘Banglar Rasagolla’.

But, in the process, they actually lost the battle. ‘Rasagolla’ – they always considered it as their pride and cultural heritage. But today, they need to be content with ‘Banglar Rasagolla’, not entire Rasagolla. It’s Odisha’s victory. We forced them to take the diversion, as they were on back foot.

So, instead of going for ‘Odishara Rasagolla’, our government must go aggressive for registration of ‘Rasagola’ irrespective of what GI Registry in Chennai feels. This sweet is associated with Odisha’s pride and dignity. And, people won’t mind if the government spends good money to bring the glory.

It’s high time the GI Registry too realise that some foods and dishes can’t be place-specific. Or else, it would lead to complete mess. All states, cities and towns will join the battle claiming GI tag for same item in new avatar. Whether of Odisha or West Bengal, ingredients and taste of Rasagolla remain the same. Whoever wins, Rasagola should not lose its identity.

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