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Pradeep Majhi ensures “truce” between Prasad and Lulu

Prasad-PradeepJust a few days ago, senior Congress leader Lulu Mohapatra had launched an aggressive campaign with his ‘Egg Attack’ strategy and put the entire BJD leadership on back foot. The Chief Minister and Ministers feared him and his youth brigade with his aggressive attitude.

But, Lalu’s rising clout within the Youth and Student Congress cadres, did not go well with many Congress leaders in the state. The rift between PCC President Prasad Harichandan and Lulu Mohapatra was wide open.

Just when the Congress was going through a turbulent time in Odisha and heading towards a split, former Lok Sabha MP from Nabarangpur and incumbent Chairman of Odisha Congress’ ST Cell, Pradeep Majhi took the lead to defuse the crisis.

Majhi held secret closed-door meetings with Prasad Harichandan, Lulu Mohapatra and some other leaders to bring all on the same page. Majhi convinced the leaders that their political future will be in jeopardy if they fight among themselves instead of putting up an united face to rampaging BJD and emerging BJP.

Pradeep Majhi’s ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’ mantra brought results, as the warring factions within the Odisha Congress called truce and decided to bury their personal rivalry in the interests of the party. But, for how long, will remain a question to be answered.

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