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Six lakh CBSE students to give economics exam again on Wednesday

Harried over re-reading the syllabus and anxious whether they will match or improve their previous performance, about 600,000 class 12 CBSE students across the country will appear for their re-exam for economics paper on Wednesday.

The exam, which was earlier cancelled by the CBSE after the question paper got leaked, will be conducted at 4,000 centres across the country.

The board had exempted the foreign students from appearing for the exam again, since in its investigation, it did not find the leak to have impacted their results.

“About six lakh students will appear for the exam on Wednesday at 4,000 centres,” an official from the Central Board of Secondary Education told IANS, adding that the board has taken some extra security measures for the conduct of the exam, which, for the sake of security, cannot be revealed.

Despite appearing for the second time, many students, whom IANS talked to, said they were a little worried, not on account of being ill-prepared but because of the possibility of a tougher question paper this time.

“It is very irritating to have to repeat the paper again. I am just as prepared for it as I was last time. But can’t say if they set a tough question paper,” said Srishti, a student of Tagore Senior Secondary School, Mayapuri.

“I am fully prepared and making sure to revise the question paper which came last time also. The only worry is that the question paper last time was very easy. I knew it all. It’s not about just passing. I want to make sure that I better my previous performance,” said Yatin of New Delhi Public School, Vikaspuri.

Another student from Tagore School, Manpreet, complained of having to accord time for this exam’s revision, which he could have used to prepare for other competitive exams.

“One of my main worry is that I had done so well last time and the paper was easy. So there is some psychological pressure of course. And also, I could have spent this time on preparing for other entrance exams,” he said.

The paper, earlier, was conducted on March 26, but was cancelled and rescheduled to April 25 after the news of the question paper-leak broke. (IANS) 

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