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States playing Politics over Dal to embarrass BJP and Modi

Pulses-OdishaSome media houses recently reported that over 75,000 tonnes of pulses seized from 13 states across the country and most of them were BJP-ruled states. Based on that report, some Gentlemen called BJP a party of Hoarders and Black Marketers. They fell into the media trap.


* To tame the rising prices because of 25% less production this year (owing to less rains), the centre has been importing Dal and also decided to procure it directly from the farmers in future.

* Centre asked States to launch a crackdown on hoarders and black marketeers after pulse (dal) prices soared high.

* The BJP ruled States responded to the call and launched a massive crackdown. Maharashtra alone seized over 46,000 tonnes of dal.

* Even Congress ruled Karnataka and Himachal too obliged and seized thousands of tonnes of pulses. 9,000 tonnes of dal seized from Karnataka.

* Odisha responded late, but seized 200 tons of Dal. The volume may go up.

* Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and many other states are not doing enough, as they want people to suffer so that Modi Government gets the blame. That suits them better.

* Bihar responded only two days ago after BJP used this issue in poll campaign. Over 5,000 tonnes of pulses have been seized in Bihar so far.

Why every time Centre needs to remind States about their social and moral obligations as well as basic duties towards citizens? They don’t think about people. Rather, they do politics in everything, resulting in the suffering of common people.

It’s not about BJP or Congress or regional parties. Power tussle between political parties has always hurt the common people hard. And, it may never stop.

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