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I support ‘Triple Talaq Bill’ with jail term for Offenders

ONI Bureau: The Congress and a section of Opposition parties continue to adopt their appeasement policy, while the BJP-led NDA has taken an aggressive posture over the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017, which makes triple talaq an offense.

While BJP refused to budge and seeks no further delay, the Congress, in a desperate bid to woo Muslim (male) voters, the Congress opposes the three-year jail term to offenders, saying the bill should be sent to the standing committee of the Parliament.

For years, the Muslim women have been subjected to trauma, agony, harassment and torture, as their male counterparts made them dance to their tunes, using ‘Instant Triple Talaq’ threat. Thanks to relentless efforts of Modi Government, the Supreme Court struck down the “inhuman” practice and asked the Parliament to bring a law. And, NDA Govt wasted no time to follow the apex court’s directive.

The Congress is definitely nervous, as it sees politics in this matter. It not only fears losing core Muslim (male voters), but also exodus of Muslim women voters to BJP, which is bound to happen. Ironically, many other political parties including CPI(M), Samajwadi Party, RJD, BSP, BJD, Trinamool Congress and AIADMK are also against the bill in the present format.

While they seek to divert the attention, saying who would pay the maintenance to women if their husbands go to jail, they tend to forget that law would serve as a deterrent for the men not to follow this draconian practice to ruin the lives of women.

The Congress and other opposition parties must not forget that at least 22 countries, including a Muslim-dominated ones have already banned ‘Instant Triple Talaq’ in the larger interest of women. And, history will never forget them if they continue to block this historic Triple Talaq bill. Hope good sense prevails.

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