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Supreme Court upholds Aadhaar with modifications

ONI Bureau:  The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar document with modifications.

The Apex Court said Aadhaar document will not be required for opening bank accounts, admissions in schools or for getting mobile connections. Linking of bank account with Aadhaar is unconstitutional.

Similarly, Private companies can’t seek Aadhaar data and no child shall be denied the benefit of any scheme, if not able to submit Aadhaar.

Likewise, no person will be denied benefits under social welfare scheme because of the failure of authentication through Aadhaar, the judges said.

Aadhaar is NOT mandatory for UGC, NEET & CBSE examinations whereas it is mandatory for PAN linking. Biometric data shall not be shared with any agency without the permission of the court.

Supreme Court said to government to take measure steps not to give Aadhaar to illegal immigrants.