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Tough Time ahead for Government Employees in Modi Raj

PM ModiThe Central Government employees by and large supported Narendra Modi and BJP during 2014 general elections. Fed up with the Congress Party, scams and corruption charges, they chose Modi as their leader like many others in the country. However, they now feel insecure and frustrated within the two years of Modi Government’s tenure.

Without any slight to government employees, let’s accept the truth that majority of them want freedom, flexibility in work and less pressure. Yes, that trend was established by the Congress Governments and followed by others. But, with Modi at the helm, they hardly get a chance to relax.

Be it timing, working hours or performance, Modi Government has tightened the noose around the employees to propel them to work with full dedication and accept additional burden in order to get their earning. Even, the Ministers have been asked to monitor the employees and their work. Unlike the UPA Govt, NDA did not give “spectacular” pay hike to the employees under 7th Pay Commission. And, the performance appraisal clause has now added to their woes. Zero tolerance towards corruption is another feature of the government, which has put many corrupt employees on back foot.

The Government has made it clear that non-performing employees won’t get annual increment if their performance is not found to be up to the mark. The benchmark has been enhanced to “very good” from “good”, triggering a panic situation among the employees. Modi will achieve what he wants – ‘good governance’ from these strict measures. But, he may lose the support of these employees, who had the habit of taking things for granted.

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