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TRP War among TV Channels puts Modi Government on the Mat

Narendra ModiFrom the Editor’s Desk: It was sudden and unexpected! India’s most cacophonous Anchor-cum-Editor-in-Chief, who was heavily batting for PM Narendra Modi following the covert operation by the Indian Army in Myanmar, has suddenly turned hostile and started shouting on June 16, quoting a week-old Sunday Times story related to Sushma Swaraj and Lalit Modi. And, he did not stop there. Even 17 days after the story broke out, he is still following it, putting all business in the back burner.

Many skeletons tumbled after the “expose”. Although no legal or corruption angles have been proved yet, names of Vasundhara Raje, Rajiv Shukla, Kapil Sibal, Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel, Rakesh Maria, Robert Vadra, Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Mehra, Varun Gandhi etc. etc. were revealed one after another, thanks to Lalit Modi’s tweets. But, the ‘Justice’, a name the Editor-in-Chief has earned for passing the judgements after conducting a unilateral trial on TV, is going all out to embarrass the ruling BJP and Narendra Modi every passing day.

Is the ‘expose’ limited to Lalit Modi saga? NO…. It’s all about taking on the ruling establishment and shaking them beyond repair. So far, he has succeeded in his agenda. He is not touching other political leaders or the work of non-BJP governments in the country. It has now turned an ego battle. He has taken it personally. He won’t stop.

From Sushma and Vasundhara to Fadnavis, Pankaja and Rijiju, his channel is on a rampage. He has given clear instructions to his reporters and they are doing justice to their job too. Why this is happening? Well, it’s a TRP War. No long ago, the Left, AAP and Congress leaning people and activists, had termed him as a BJP stooge. He was accused of defending the BJP and Modi on his channel and attacking others. But, today, he has become the blue-eyed boy of the anti-BJP forces. They hail his journalist skills and ethics and see him as a warrior, who can take their battle forward.

Why he changed his track? Well, it’s the TRP war in India Media. His channel’s popularity went down in May-June when another TV channel renamed itself and joined the bandwagon with full force. He was taken aback and to beat the competition, he started his campaign vociferously to ensure he regains the No. 1 slot – and by a huge margin. Other channels are bringing variation to their reporting, but he is sticking to a single issue, yet he succeeds. How and Why?

Yes, Narendra Modi is the most popular leader in the country. He has absolute majority in Lok Sabha in addition to huge fan following. But, he came to power with the support of just 36% electorate. The remaining 64% just hate or criticise him and do not even want to consider his good work. Modi remains a hatred figure for those people for various reasons. The Editor-in-Chief wanted to strike an emotional chord with them and he succeeded too. He took other TV channels as well as his bitter critics by surprise.

Other channels are still lagging behind despite their best efforts, as he acted proactively and stunned them with a unique strategy. The TRP war in the media, has enhanced the stature and clout of the Editor-in-Chief, but it has eroded the trust of the common people on Modi Government. The bitter fight between the media houses to become Numero Uno, has dented the image of Narendra Modi and put his government on the fat. There is no denying. Suddenly we feel as the media has woken up from the hangover and hitting out at each and every target that comes its way.

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