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Unverified News may damage the credibility of Modi Govt

jawan-uriNever before we saw any media houses reporting unverified news of national interest so brazenly and sticking to their stand without furnishing evidences. Yes, The Indian Express reported the news of “army coup” in the past even if it was an internal matter. Whether Indian Express, CNN-News18 or The Quint, all have breached the barrier that restrains journalists from not putting the national interest at stake.

This time, The Quint crossed all limits when it tried to play with the emotions of common people. It claims that just two days after the Uri attacks, the Indian Army launched a surprise onslaught across the LoC, killing 20-200 militants. Quint claimed that Indian forces crossed the LoC. The news went viral although no other media outlets either in India or Pakistan reported it. When questioned, Quint put up a volt face and reconfirmed it without any proof. It came at a time when the UN session was going on.

The government probably loved the report, as it served their purpose and managed to calm down the anger and outrage in the country. Same happened a few days ago when some media houses reported the “cancellation” of Russia-Pakistan joint military exercise. It turned out to be false today when Russian Army arrived in Pakistan. The Government is silent. Media is on offensive. Unverified and false news stories rule the roost. When will it stop? The credibility of the government will be at stake if continues to remain a mute spectator.

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