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Uproar over PM Modi’s ‘Poor and Hungry Odisha’ Remarks

Modi-GondaWe are not saying PM blamed or scolded Odisha. He would never do it even in his wildest dreams. He is our PM and we love him.

At the election rally in Uttar Pradesh, PM wanted to prove a point that even Poor, Hungry and Illiterate people (in Odisha) reposed trust in BJP and voted for the party. In this process, he said Odisha is being referred as a land of poverty, starvation and illiteracy.

What he could have said:

* Odisha is known for its glorious past, rich heritage and culture.

* Odisha has produced Heroes, Warriors, Skilled IT Professionals, Doctors, Scientists, Sculptors etc. Even today, Sudarsan Patnaik from Puri making a big buzz on global arena.

* Odisha is a land of rich natural resources and immense opportunities. But, due to lacklustre leadership in the recent years, it is lagging behind. Resources and talent are not properly utilised.

* People of Odisha, who are known as Swabhimani Odias, have now realised the truth and reposed trust in BJP in the recent elections. They are choosing BJP as an alternative.

The issue is related to this statement. We voted the PM to power. Many of us voted for Modi, not BJP. So, we have every right to air our concerns or grievances. Our voice can’t be suppressed.

What BJD or Naveen did, is not being debated here. That would be a different subject and we would definitely keep debating. People have the option to vote them out if they are not happy.

—By Sagar Satapathy

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