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US Action on Pakistan linked to Afghanistan, not Kashmir

ONI Bureau: India has been aggressively telling the world for years that Pakistan remains a terror hub and safe haven for terrorists. But, the Western world led by the US always ignored India’s case by including that rogue nation in fight against terror in Afghanistan.

The US always thought Pakistan would be a great ally in its ‘Mission Afghanistan’. Aids and grants poured in for Pak despite India’s objection. Whether US or China, all showed leniency towards Pak saying it also became a victim of terrorism. No action was taken against Pakistan although Osama Bin Laden was found hiding on its soil.

Not only aids and grants, the world backed Pakistan with weapons, fighter aircrafts. Aided by those foreign support, Pakistan continued to unleash proxy war against India in Kashmir. Pakistan was never a victim of terrorism. It just paid the price for its karma. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. But, it’s India which is being subjected to injustice, harassment, apathy and massive damage for decades.

US President Donald Trump realised today that his country has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years. US was quick to stop Rs 1,628 crore aid to Pakistan. But, was it because US acknowledges Pakistan is behind terror activities in Kashmir? NO. US is concerned as it’s not getting the desired help from Pakistan in Afghanistan.

As the US action is completely linked to Afghanistan, there is hardly anything for India to rejoice. America can’t be trusted. It does what suits its interest. They are not concerned about India or any other country. If tomorrow, Pakistan promises to take strong action against terror groups operating in Afghanistan from its soil, US will again take that country on board and shower more aids and grants, hailing it as a ‘valuable partner’ in war against terror.

It happened earlier too and may happen again. It won’t be a surprise if US changes colour again to suit its requirements. There is no scope for India to be complacent or rejoice! We must continue our tough stand vis-a-vis Pakistan and take all concrete steps to corner that country militarily and financially irrespective of what the world thinks. No mercy or leniency should be shown.

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