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613 Doctors go Missing in Odisha, Notices Issued

Odisha DoctorsIn a shocking development, it came to light that 613 doctors in Odisha have gone missing and have not reported at work. They have been declared as absentee medical officers for deserting their place of duty unauthorisedly and wilfully for a long period.

The Health Department made several attempts to ascertain their addresses to communicate with them, but in vain. It was revealed that they have no intimated their addresses either to their immediate authorities or to the Director of Health Services, Odisha / Director, Medical Education and Training, Odisha / the Government of Odisha.

Th Department proceedings have been initiated against these absconding doctors under Rule 15 of Odisha Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1962. The Health Department has issued a public notice to these doctors through newspaper advertisement. Names of all 613 doctors have been published in the Ad.

They have been asked to personally receive the Draft Charges from Government in Health and Family Welfare Department within 10 days and submit written statement of defence within the next 20 days. They have been asked to contact Sri Harekrushna Behera, Additional Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department over phone number – 06742396618.

Any doctor, who ignores the notice and fails to respond within the stipulated time period, will be liable to further departmental proceedings.

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