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Adhara Pana rituals conclude; Niladri Bije tomorrow

ONI Bureau:  Lakhs witnessed the Adhara Pana ritual of Lord Jagannath and his siblings atop the three chariots in Puri today.

On the 11th day (Ekadasi), the three deities are offered a refreshing drink named as ‘Adhara Pana’.

Apart from these ingredients, other herbal plant extracts like tulasi are also mixed into the drink. The deities are offered Adhara Pana on huge cylindrical earthen pots.

As per the ritual, the Adhara Pana is not for the devotees and servitors but it is only for these evil spirits who trail with the Lords during the Raths Jatra. It is believed that such evil spirits attain salvation (Mokshya) by drinking the holy drink.

On the 12th day, after the evening rituals, the deities return to the main temple. Deities home coming ceremony to the temple is known as ‘NILADRI VIJAY’ or ‘Niladri Bije’ and end of historic Car Festival.

Deities are taken to the sanctum (Ratna Singhasana) in goti pahandi procession. To gain acess to the temple, Lord Jagannath offers rasagolla (sweet) to Mahalaxmi and requested her to forgive him. This day is also celebrated in Odisha as Rasagola Dibasa.

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