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Amit Shah slams BJD Govt over Unemployment in Odisha

amit-shahBJP National Party President Amit Shah on Friday attended the Jan Jagran Mahasamavesh held at the Baramunda field in Bhubaneswar.

Given importance to job & employment, Shah said if People of Odisha wants all-round development & employment in Odisha, then they must vote for a Pro-Progress BJP Government.

During his address at the Mahasamavesh, Amit Shah said BJP led Central Government within the last 2.5 years of rule has provided Rs 1.3 lakh crores to the Odisha Government whereas BJD Government in Odisha has failed to provide two-square meal to its tribal population.

Targeting BJD government, Shah said that “Odisha Chief Minister keeps asking what we have done in 2.5 Years but never answers what he has done for Odisha in last 17 years.”


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