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Aparajita Sarangi gives a piece of her mind to BJP Workers

ONI Bureau:  The BJP workers in Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha constituency, got a dose of medicines Bureaucrat-turned-Politician Aparajita Sarangi offered to them when she minced no words to question their loyalty to the party and asked them to offer selfless service to the organisation instead of thinking about self.

“Are you not ashamed despite losing polls repeatedly and badly? Why do you people think about him, he, they etc? You should think about the party first and fight unitedly. Whoever contests the polls on party ticket, it’s our duty to firmly stand by them and help them win,” she said.

Aparajita was unforgiving in her approach in the viral video and clearly told the BJP workers to end infighting and mend ways. “If you can’t, better you quit,” she told the workers, who had been working for the party for years. She was even seen warning a worker who was talking over phone.

“I don’t belong to any group. I am here because of BJP’s development agenda. I joined the party after being inspired by PM Modi”, she added.

After the video went viral on social media, some people appreciated it saying BJP Odisha leaders and workers need such messages which clearly say, ‘perform or perish’. Some others say it reminds them of Kiran Bedi who failed to handle the BJP workers and leaders in Delhi because of her non-political approach and no-nonsense attitude.

It would be interesting to see how BJP workers will take Aparajita Sarangi’s outburst in future if it becomes a regular phenomenon.