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Bahinipati endorses Lulu’s Statement on Revolt in Odisha Congress

Bahinipati11Just a day after OPCC President Prasad Harichandan rubbished all reports of infighting within the Odisha Congress and blamed some “vested interests” of spreading misinformation and rumour, party’s Chief Whip and Jeypore MLA Taraprasad Bahinipati endorsed the statement made by senior Congress leader Lulu Mohapatra, who had claimed that 12 party MLAs went to Delhi to seek his ouster.

“Whatever Lulu Babu said is right. 12 of our MLAs had gone to Delhi in order to seek my ouster as the Chief Whip. The news was correct. It was a bad day for the Odisha Congress. However, I sincerely want this matter to get resolved. The debate should end soon in the interest of the party”, he said.

Earlier yesterday, the PCC President sought to give a careful excuse over the Delhi visit of 12 party MLAs recently on July 20, saying they invited Rahul Gandhi to visit Odisha. “They had also given a proposal to Rahul Gandhi on the party organisation in the state. Rahul had asked them to discuss the matter with me. And, they did so,” claimed Prasad.