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Bhasha Andolan: Women Protesters take Centre Stage on Day 5

Women-Bhasha-AndolanOn the fifth day of its protest, the Bhasha Andolan, Odisha got a major boost, as many eminent women personalities took the lead and participated in the ‘silent black flag protest march’. They included Poetess Golapa Manjari Kar, Nisha Mukti Andolan activist Preeti Nayak and founder member of Bhasha Andolan, Madhumita Samal.

Another activist Trinath Moharana joined them in the March, which started from Odisha Assembly and culminated near Madhu Babu’s statue at the Governor’s House Square. They were greeted by Pradyumna Satpathy, Tusarkanta Satpathy, Chakradhar Mahanta, Sachikanta Pradhan, Pabitra Mohan Samal, Sachin Mohapatra, Vishal Rana and Mohammad Manal Ali.

The Bhasha Andolan activists vowed to continue their fight till the government accedes to their demand of implementation of 1954 Odia Language Act, enforcing governance of Odisha in Odia.

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