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BJP, Congress seek CBI Probe into Sarathi Controversy

Sarathi Baba OdishaAfter the BJP, the Congress Party has also sought a CBI probe into the ‘Sarathi Baba’ controversy, saying the Crime Branch cannot be trusted, as these officials could not be vulnerable to the pressure from ruling establishment.

Leader of Opposition in Odisha Assembly, Narasingha Mishra has slammed the state government for failing to maintain law and order in Kendrapara, leading to the crisis. He has also demanded strict action against then SP Satish Kumar Gajviye for police excess on common people and lawyers apart from humiliating them in public.

The BJP had demanded a CBI probe into the entire controversy yesterday and also demanded the arrest and dismissal of Satish Gajviye, who had launched a massive crackdown against the agitators in Kendrapara before his transfer.

It has now become clear that many BJD MLAs and senior leaders were behind Sarathi Baba’s rise and growth. They also funded and protected him for long. It has been alleged they Sarathi helped the ruling party during the last elections in 2014. In the wake of such allegations, a CBI probe should be the need of the hour. But, will the BJD Government blink?