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‘Boita Bandana’ of Odisha to be showcased in Republic Day Parade

boatBhubaneswar, Dec 22: The Design of the Tableau for the coming Republic Day Celebration -2016 at New Delhi has been highly pressed and selected to participate in the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi.

The Tableau of Odisha presents the Maritime activities and glorious tradition of Boita-Bandana Festival (Kalinga Baliyatra) of ancient Odisha. This more or less concentrates around the Sadhava tradition in Odisha, who were carrying out internal and external trade.

Ancient Odisha popularly known as Kalinga was the epicenter of the inland and foreign trade within the Indian archipelago which had established its maritime supremacy over the world trade from the time immemorial. The geographical setting of our State has supported the development of seaports like Tamralipti, Chelitalo, Palur, Pithunda etc. allalong its coastline from the early times.

The mariners of Kalinga endowed with a sound knowledge of navigation continued to have commercial, socio, cultural and political relations with South East Asian countries like Srilanka, Java, Sumatra, Bali, Borneo,
China, Burma, Cambodia, Champa, Malaya an Thailand.

Designed and prepared under the able guidance of Sri Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, Hon’ble Minister Information and Public Relations & Health and Family Welfare, Commissioner-cum- Secretary of Information and Public Relations Department Sri Manoranjan Panigrahi and Director Sri Sushil Kumar Das this Tableau has been visualized
and designed by the Senior Designer of the Information and Public Relations DepartmentSri Pradyumna Kumar Dash.

The 3D model of the Tableau is prepared jointly by Sri Das and Sri Gajendra Kumar Sahoo of Bibhut Kanungo Art College, Bhubaneswar. Music Director Sri Sushanta Kumar Padhi has done the music arrangement for the Tableau.
This 3D model of the Tableau has been highly pressed by the Ministry of Defence of Govt. of India and has been selected to participate in the coming Republic Day Parade, 2016 in New Delhi. After few years of gap this year the Tableau of Odisha will again participate in the prestigious Republic Day Parade, 2016 at New Delhi.

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