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Brahma Parivartan Lapses identified; Report not to be made public

ONI Bureau:   The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) on Thursday told media persons that “gross irregularities” were committed in ‘Brahma Parivartan’ (soul transfer) ritual of the Trinity during the 2015 Nabakalebara.

PK Mohapatra also informed that strict action will be taken against about 10-15 servitors under Section 21 (b) of the Temple Administration Act within three months who are found guilty in the Brahma Parivartan of the Lords.

However, SJTA said that the Brahma Paribartan fiasco cannot be made public, as it is a ‘sensitive’ issue. And it can’t be shared even through RTI.

It is to be noted that there has been delay in Brahma Paribartan (change of life substance) during the Nabakalebara in 2015. As per norms, the secret ritual should be conducted on the intervening night of Amabashya and Sankranti on June 15. But the ritual got delayed and was carried out in daylight on June 16.

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