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Bus Fares fall in Odisha under Auto Revision Mechanism

Bus in OdishaThe Naveen Government on Thursday reduced the bus fares in the state under automatic fare revision mechanism following the recent reduction of fuel prices.

Fare of ordinary buses has been reduced from 60 paise to 59 paise per km, express buses from 63 paise to 62 paise, deluxe buses from 84 paise to 82 paise and AC deluxe buses from Rs 1.05 to Rs 1.03 per km across the state.

The state government had implemented the automatic fare revision mechanism on June 4 of this year. Under the automatic mechanism system, rise and fall in bus fares would be determined by the rise and fall of fuel prices.

Meanwhile, the bus fares were reduced for the second time in the state after the implementation of the mechanism by the government.

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