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Central Team visits Sishu Bhawan, as Death Toll rises to 45

Sishu Bhawan-1A Central Team has visited Sishu Bhawan to probe the infant deaths. The team, which has three Health Experts, is headed by Arun Panda, Additional Secretary at Union Health Ministry. Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and BJP leaders Bijoy Mohapatra, KV Singhdeo and Basant Panda are with the team.

The decision to send a central team to Sishu Bhawan, Cuttack, was taken after Dharmendra Pradhan wrote a letter to Union Health Minister JP Nadda. They are probing the reasons behind the death of infants and how to improve the infrastructure and other facilities. The team confirmed that they are here to assist the government to take better steps and precautionary steps to prevent the deaths.

The infant death toll has gone up to 45 now @ 9 Days. It’s high time the Odisha Government publish a White Paper on the issue so that people are aware of the following:

* How many Children are brought to Sishu Bhawan Everyday?
* Circumstances and Conditions when they get admitted
* What is the ratio of cure/death?
* How many infants die everyday on average and what are the reasons behind their death?
* Does Sishu Bhawan has enough staff to handle the volume?
* Are the equipment and other infrastructure at par?
* What steps were taken to improve the healthcare at Sishu Bhawan in the last 5 years?

We must know whether the deaths are NATURAL or occur due to FAULTY SYSTEM. It would be difficult to pass a judgement before all facts are verified.

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