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Congress supports BJD in Odisha to slam PM Modi

Leader of opposition Narasingha MishraBhubaneswar, Dec 8: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s jibe against Prime Minister Modi – “Sut boot ki Sarkar” echoed in Odisha assembly on Monday when senior Congress leader, the opposition party in assembly, joined the ruling BJD in criticizing the Modi government’s style of functioning.

During zero hour in the assembly, BJP legislator Rabi Narayan Naik demanded apology from Sanjay Das Burma, Minister of Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare, for making objectionable remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He pointed out that during a debate over central government’s negligence towards Odisha on December 3, the Minister had accused Modi government terming “suit book ki sarkar”.

The BJP legislator urged Speaker Niranjan Pujari to expunge the statement against Modi made by the Minister during the discussion.

During the discussion on Central government’s apathetic look towards state on December 3, the minister had criticized the Modi government on various issues including the ‘suit’ jibe and intolerance.

Comparing attires of Mahatma Gandhi with Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, Dasburma slammed the Modi government for the suit that was stitched in London and later put it on auction. Speaking on the issue of intolerance, the minister cited the cases of Award Wapsi to elucidate growing intolerance in the country.

Surprisingly, Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra of Congress openly supported the minister’s statement against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mishra said that the minister did not make any objectionable remarks against Modi or Modi government and those need not to be expunged from the records of the house.

During the discussion on the issue in the assembly, Mishra said that he and Congress party supported the minister’s statement against Prime Minister – “suit book ki sarkar’. Mishra alleged the Prime Minister of criticizing opposition during his foreign trips.