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Coronavirus cases in Odisha latest update, numbers & statistics

The following are 18th April (9 a.m.) Coronavirus cases in Odisha updates:

Confirmed cases coronavirus active in Odisha38
Confirmed recovered cases of coronavirus in Odisha21
Confirmed deaths due to coronavirus in Odisha1
Coronavirus Samples Tested in Odisha8619
Coronavirus Samples Negative8559
Coronavirus Samples Positive60

The coronavirus pandemic curve is exhibiting indications of flattening in Odisha with no positive cases being reported in the last two days and just 12 cases being reported in the past week. The state administration tested more than 2,000 samples on the past two days, but all of them turned out to be negative. Also, the state government on Friday declared that tests of at least 5000 samples collected from different locations in the city would be conducted over the next seven days.

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