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Coronavirus rules implemented in Odisha for June

Following the extension of the lockdown and curfew norms for a month, the Odisha government published a list of jurisdictions to be followed at workplaces and while handling businesses in the state.

  1. Face coverings: Wearing of face cover is mandatory in public places, workplaces, and while travelling.
  2. Social distancing: Six feet minimum gap between people has to be maintained.
  3. Shops: Owner of shops will be responsible for any violation of physical distancing among consumers.
  4. Salons, spas, beauty parlours, and barbershops will guarantee all security precautions, disinfection and sanitization before and after service of each shopper.
  5. Gatherings: Public groups of more than seven people are forbidden.
  6. Weddings: Number of guests not to exceed 50.
  7. Funeral: Number of persons not to exceed 20.
  8. Spitting: People spitting in public places will be penalized.
  9. Liquor, Tobacco: Consumption of alcohol, paan, gutka, and tobacco in public places is forbidden.
  10. Work From Home: WFM to be encouraged.
  11. Business hours: Wavered working hours in offices, workplaces, shops, markets and industrial & commercial establishments to be followed. Lunchtimes to be staggered as well.
  12. Screening & hygiene: Equipment for thermal scanning, hand wash, and sanitizer will be made compulsory at all entry and exit points and common areas.
  13. Frequent sanitization: Complete workplace including common facilities and all touchpoints which come into human contact, e.g. door handles, railings, etc. should be sanitized periodically and mid shifts.
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