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Crime Branch Report claims Kunduli Victim not Raped

ONI Bureau: While the Kunduli fire has spread across the state and the entire Odisha is mourning the “gangrape” victim’s shocking suicide, leading Odia Daily ‘Dharitri’ has published the Crime Branch report submitted to the OHRC, which claimed she was not raped at all.

The report says #Kunduli victim was never raped and her virginity was intact. Case was attributed to a ‘love affair’.

As per the report, the girl was with her 16-year-old boyfriend on that fateful day. The victim alleged warned the boy that she would tell everyone that she was raped by him if he did not agree to marry her. They had a bitter fight and the girl’s clothes were torn in the tussle. The boy finally acceded to her demands and dropped her at home after reconciliation.

The report further claims that a false alarm was raised by the girl when family members saw her torn clothes. FIR was filed as the girl named BSF CoBRA Jawans and then media took up the case. The local CDPO who drafted the FIR, mentioned rape and then rest was history.

Doctor in Kunduli, Doctors at S.L.N Medical College & Hospital, Koraput & the Forensic Report from Hyderabad said there was no rape. Doctors at the MKCG, Berhampur said the victim never lost her virginity. The 16-year-old boy reportedly confessed to his affair with the girl and the altercation occurred on that day during a lie-detection test in Bhubaneswar.

Dharitri-Kunduli-Crime-BranchConflicting reports coming from the ground too. While some people, including journalists claim that she was indeed raped and there was an attempt at the BSF-Odisha DIG level to suppress the case so that Army did not get a bad name, some say she was not raped and it was a false alarm, which went too far and the girl could not retract the statement under pressure.

It would be difficult to know what’s the truth. Whatever happened, a precious life was lost and her demise has left many questions unanswered. The incident is a blot on our society.