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Damodar Rout to skip launching of Rs 5 Aahar Outlets in Paradip

Damodar RoutVeteran BJD leader and Odisha Excise Minister, Dr. Damodar Rout has decided to skip the launching of Rs 5 Aahar outlets in Paradip, calling it a “shame” for Odia pride (swabhimaan) during the auspicious occasion of Odia New Year. The Odisha Government is going to launch 81 Aahar outlets across the state from tomorrow.

Dr. Rout recalled the past glory of Odisha, when people of Kujang had rejected the free food even during the Na’anka Famine of 1866-67. “It was our culture and pride. People, who accepted free food, were dubbed as beggars and isolated in the society. But, unfortunately, there has been attempt today to weaken the morale and break the pride of that great culture and tradition,” he said.

Dr. Damodar Rout called for unity among the masses to generate sense of responsibility and self-reliance so that they don’t succumb to any pressure. At the same time, Dr. Rout did not criticise any leader or official and blamed today’s scenario on the circumstances.

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