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Dharmendra disapproves attack on Pandian’s Residence

ONI Bureau: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has disapproved the attack by a group of BJP youth workers on Pandian’s residence, saying he is not in favour of such act. At the same time, he lashed out at CM Naveen Patnaik, wondering he remained silent on previous occasions.

“While I condemn the attack at Pandian’s residence and believe that the guilty must be punished under law, I also know this is not the first time an IAS officer was attacked. When IAS Officers Sanjay Singh and Rashmita Panda were attacked in 2017, Naveen Babu maintained a stoic silence. He did not respond when some people barged into Dr. Damodar Rout’s residence. But, he has gone aggressive today,” claimed Dharmendra.

Dharmendra also came down heavily on some IAS Officers, saying they earn from government, but bat for the party. “They must resign and join the political party if they wish. But, people won’t accept if they do politics being in service,” he added.