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Didn’t intend to hurt Anyone: Singer Sona Mohapatra on ‘Rangabati’

Sona-RangabatiNew Delhi, July 9: Following a lawsuit that accused singer Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty of distorting the original Sambalpuri cult song “Rangabati” in their re-rendition of it for Coke Studio, Mohapatra said her intention was not to hurt anyone but to bring her home state Odisha into the spotlight.

“I’m just saddened and it’s just hurtful. The intention was not to hurt anyone, least of all, the people I want to pay homage to. We got a beautiful opportunity in Coke Studio, which is a cross-cultural platform where different cultures merge with modern music to reach out to a whole different audience,” Mohapatra told IANS at the launch of her new album “Punjab Project – Volume 1”.

The original “Rangabati”, which was sung by Jitendriya Haripal and Krishna Patel, was first aired by All India Radio in Sambalpur in the mid-1970s.

Mohapatra said she only wanted to bring her home state into the spotlight and appreciates the affection she has garnered through the song from various communities.

“The intentions was to put the spotlight on my home state Odisha. I think I want to focus on the millions of people who have shown us love. In four days, the video has hit one million views and a lot of love, affection and pride has come my way.

“And for a few people who are upset by it, I don’t want to kill the celebration that is around the song,” she said.

The Coke Studio version of the song has reached a staggering 1,114,554 views in just six days and Mohapatra said this has led to the recognition of Sambalpuri folk at a larger level.

“Overall, people have written that it has united Odias… Bengalis to Punjabis to Malayalis have written that they can’t understand it but they love it. They were not even aware of Sambalpuri folk as a folk form.

“I think I am introducing my home land to the rest of the world and if there are issues with that, they’ll get resolved. I’m just looking for them to get resolved,” she said. (IANS)

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