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ECoR prepares to deal with Monsoon and Flood Situations

Train-BhubaneswarIn order to minimize the effects of heavy rain fall and to improve safety of running trains including disruption free services, East Coast Railway has planned precautionary steps before the o­nset of the monsoon.

General Manager, East Coast Railway, Shri Rajiv Vishnoi has directed the concerned officials to be o­n full alert towards any incident caused by monsoon rain and flood situation near Railway Track for the safety of passengers and smooth train operations. Accordingly, all precautionary measures have been taken prior to o­nset of monsoon. The catch water drains and side drains have been cleared of silt, vegetation and other obstructions to ensure free flow of rain water. The water ways of bridges have been cleared of vegetation and other obstructions.

Arrangements have been made to stock sufficient quantities of monsoon reserve materials viz boulders, sand, cinder, quarry dust, ballast at identified locations. The Engineering relief vans and their equipments are kept ready.

East Coast Railway Control Office, which works round the clock, is keeping close liaison with Meteorological Department, Disaster Management Cell and staff deputed at flood prone areas for continuous monitoring and constant updates.

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