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Email ID and SMS number for pre-budget Opinion

Odisha-Assembly-Suplmentary-BudgetBhubaneswar, Jan 2: Finance Department has been holding Pre-Budget consultation with a cross section of the society. There is a need to take a step ahead and make the budgetary process open and participative using ICT through e-mail and SMS.

Finance Department have developed a separate web- page budget.odisha.gov.in to host the budget documents and suggestions are invited in a structured format (displayed in the web page) for preparation of Annual Budget 2016-17. Suggestions can be sent bye-mail to the address [email protected]

Similarly, suggestions for Budget are also invited through SMS to the Mobile number (+91)9438161111. This facility will be available for a fortnight beginning from 1st January, 2016.

Members of the public, Civil Society Organisation, Advocacy Groups are requested to make use of this unique opportunity to participate in the budget making process of the State Government.

Odisha Government is one of the most advanced states in the country for implementation of such system.

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