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Eminent Odia Author Prof Hrudananda Ray dies on July 27

Hrudananda RayEminent Odia author, philosopher and prolific orator, Prof. Hrudananda Ray passed away yesterday. He was also associated with International Jagannath Society and always worked for the growth and development of Odia literature as well as Jagannath Culture.

Some of his great works include, ‘America-Jetiki Dekhichi Jetiki Bujhichi’, ‘Jane Anubhabi Anubhabare – Atmajibani’, ‘Bhagabata Samiksha’, ‘Sankara As A Romantic Philosopher’ and ‘Sri Jagannatha Tattva-Rahasya, Patre Pushpe Prabandha, Kant’.

Many eminent people of Odisha have condoled the demise of Prof. Hrudananda Ray. His voice may not be heard again, but he will remain in the heart and minds of Odias always.

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