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Energy Minister Pranab Prakash Das urges More Central Funds for Electrification

Pranab Prakash Das, Energy MinisterOdisha’s Energy Minister Pranab Prakash Das asked the Union Government to allocate more funds for electrification in rural as well as urban areas of the state, while attending a conference of Power Ministers of States and UTIS at Goa on 16th and 17th June 2016.

After the Narendra Modi Government came into power, the Centre Vs State allocation ratio has been reduced from 90: 10 to 60:40 in the new schemes like ‘DDUGY’ and ‘IDPS’, which have replaced ‘RGGVY and ‘R-ADRP’ schemes respectively. Such reduction of allocation of funds have put more financial burden on the backward state like Odisha, Das pointed out.

Further the Energy Minister indicated that curtailing fund allocation against the detailed project reports of the state by Rs. 2417.27 Crore (  1289.22 Crore under DDUGY and 1128.05 Crore under IDPS), the scope towards ’System Strengthening” and “ Connecting the Un-connected Household have become a distance dream.

In the conference,  Odisha Energy Minister claimed that the said curtailment of fund allocation not to  be acted upon the DPR for the state for better implementation of these schemes which is yet to be addressed.

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